What is Direct Selling?

As the term implies, it simply means selling directly to the end-users. Direct selling is recognised as a dynamic marketing approach in the distribution of products and services directly to consumers in their homes or work places. It is distinctly different from other methods of marketing such as Direct Mailing, Telemarketing and Fixed-Location Retailing, as it is usually done through explanation or demonstration by a Direct Seller.

Who we are

DSAS stands for Direct Selling Association of Singapore. We are a trade association founded by a small number of legitimate and reputable direct selling companies. DSAS was gazetted on 8th October 1976 and formed specifically to represent the interest of legitimate direct selling companies operating in Singapore. The Association serves as a platform for member companies to meet regularly and to discuss matters of mutual interest as well as to interact with other similar organisations in other countries.

The Management 

The Association is managed by an Executive Committee, which is elected by the general membership annually at an Annual General Meeting. The Committee comprises 3 officers namely the Chairman, the Secretary and the Treasurer together with at least 2 but not more than 7 other members. They are honorary members and are supported in a limited way by a part-time Secretariat.

Our Affiliations

WFDSA DSAS is an affiliate of the WORLD FEDERATION OF DIRECT SELLING ASSOCIATION (WFDSA) and is also an Institutional Member of the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE). DSAS interacts regularly with other direct selling associations particularly those in the ASEAN and East Asia countries as well as with the US DSA. We have an excellent working relationship with CASE based on mutual trust and respect built up over the years. We co-operate with CASE in helping to resolve consumer complaints not only with regard to DSAS members but also non-members.