Any person, firm or company having a direct selling business in Singapore and using Direct Sellers to market its products or services directly to end-users is eligible for Active Membership. A person, firm or company engaged in supplying products to Active Members may apply for Associate Membership. Those who are eligible for membership may submit a written request to the Association through the Secretariat by email to janet.chang@dsas.org.sg or write to PO Box. Newton 0127, Singapore 912205.


As a member of DSAS, a direct selling company has to abide by the Association’s Code of Ethics and Conduct which amongst other provisions requires the company to give the consumer a 7-day cooling off period during which time a prospective customer may cancel the contract without penalty. In addition, a member also has to adhere to the 2 Codes of Conduct and Practice issued by the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations. One of the Codes protects the Consumers while the other Code protects the Direct Sellers from the company.

To ensure that the Codes of Conduct are implemented fairly, every country DSA has to appoint an independent Code Administrator. DSAS has appointed a lawyer as its Code Administrator. His primary role if a dispute arises is to interpret the provisions of the Codes and to mediate between the disputing parties in order to resolve their differences to a satisfactory conclusion. His decision is binding on the member company and non-compliance by the guilty member may result in its expulsion from membership.