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Empower Your Life with Direct Selling


Best World Lifestyle Pte Ltd
BC Huan

~ Success begins with right choice ~

BC Huan was an operation manager in the F&B industry with a considerable income.

Fifteen years ago, a friend introduced network marketing concept to him, he has been attracted by the fulfilment industries and signed up immediately.

Later on, he resigned from his full time career and fully involved in network business. He followed his up line, jumped from one company to another, within 10 years, he had joined almost 10 different companies and had utilised all his network resources.

During that 10 years, he did not earn the bonus cheque any month more than his salary before, but he did not give up hope on direct selling. He simply believed direct selling can transform people’s life. Finally, he gave a last try to join Best World Lifestyle (BWL) which the company that all his family members had worked and joined.

He started from scratch in BWL, building his customer base and business builder one by one, when company planned to develop new market at Philippines, he volunteered to fly to Manila every month to explore the new market. He conducting cold call at shopping centre and daily roadshow, after 5 years of hard work, he has built 80,000 down lines in Philippines.

Today, BC’s networks covering more than 10 countries worldwide. To review his 15 years hard earned experience in direct selling business, BC concluded that to success in direct selling, besides working hard, you need to partner the right company with good product and good culture. Do not join the network company which only emphasize on money making opportunity and also do not jump from one company to another company.

“Since I joined BWL for five years, in addition to financial freedom and time, I understand the value of life, more active with positive energy.”

“I believe if put in 100% trust in company, product, follow the system, with positive attitude, the desire to succeed, dare to change, adjust the right mind set then you can be successful.”

“It also thanks to excellent quality and super effective products from BWL, especially Plum Delite and Jelly Delite which are popular and overwhelming in Philippines.”

“My biggest success satisfaction is my family life and finances have improved, but the most fun is to see a group of business partners from none to have, from zero to owning a car, house, land, etc, which have transformed their lives.” said BC.

“Besides choosing the right company, I believe success does not depend on your age, background, rich or poor, as long as you are willing to change, willing to contribute, success depends on your action today” emphasized by BC.

Empower Your Life with Direct Selling


Best World Lifestyle Pte Ltd
Irene Ng

~ Freedom in Financial and Spiritual ~

Irene Ng owned a retail cosmetic shop before she joined BWL 18 years ago.
When operating her retail business, she discovered the many challenges such as high start-up capital, rental competition, manpower issue which made her live in fear every day.

She was introduced to Dr’s Secret products from her uplines. After few months, her skin improved significantly. She began selling the product at her shop and saw her customers returned back for repeat sales. Later, she learned that BWL is a direct selling company, she could use the company’s regional centres to operate her business, especially BWL also provide international sponsoring system, she could expand her business in Malaysia. She attended BWL system training and was attracted by the charm of direct selling. After the encouragement by her up line, she finally ended her traditional retail shop and become a full time network leader.

In BWL, she felt what was so called freedom career, she could decide working time, place and method, and could obtained a so-called work life balance. She also made a lot of like-minded friends. She also gained insight and growth thru BWL personal growth courses.

Even though direct selling and traditional business have their peak and low, the difference is a person needs to bear all the risks in traditional business, but in direct selling industry she has the whole team to work together, leveraging the power to overcome the challenge, the team work enabled partners to be more cohesive, more positive and happy to go to work.

“I am a person who does not looking forward to be employed as I have dream and hope for my future. There is limitation in realising my dream and increase my income as an employee. When opportunity knocked, I grabbed the chance to have a hand in the traditional business in beauty care, despite having to use up all my savings.”

“I was introduced to Best World product by my up line. At that time I was having financial problem with my traditional business. Effectiveness of the products aroused my interest in going into Best World. I attended their system training, and I understand the difference between traditional business and direct selling business.”

“Doing Best World business let me have freedom and flexibility of time for my family. I am able to give others hope in their life and transform people from zero to hero.” Said Irene.

Empower Your Life with Direct Selling


Best World Lifestyle Pte Ltd
Maggie Goh

~ Live life at its Best! ~

Maggie Goh was a beautician when young, due to interests in learning beauty knowledge and selling, she participated in a few direct selling companies. 25 years ago, when BWL was founded, she was one of the pioneers that joined during the founding phase. The reason for her to join this new company was because she believed in the two founders of BWL Dr Dora Hoan and Dr Doreen Tan. She simply believed their business philosophy and capabilities, so she went all out to focus on BWL.

Maggie’s strong faith and positive attitude coupled with her willingness to learn and worked very hard, she established a large customer network and direct selling organizations thru out the years.

Maggie is a single mother of two children, in her most helpless time, she has the love and support from the two founders of BWL, all the business partners gave her cares and encouragements, through the career in BWL and income earned, she raised her two children, and now she is the highest income earner in BWL and own many things in life include a few condominiums in Singapore.

For Maggie, in BWL, she has won not only the financial freedom and physical health, she also won the emotional growth and social wellness. Because she benefited from BWL, now she often travels to Asian countries to develop market and support her network partners. For her, she wanted to help the company to achieve the vision of “Best World, World at its Best”. Therefore she continued to share BWL quality products and business opportunity to more inspiring individual in the regions, so that more people can be like her to have their financial, physical, emotional and social growth, and live life at its best.

“My biggest satisfaction is to be able to share BWL’s business platform to people, has made a lot of foreign friends, but also seen a lot of ordinary people transformed into extraordinary. Many people have realised their dream through the platform. Greatest achievement is my whole life has changed. I’ve learnt how to be a better person through BWL.”

“My success also came from BWL’s quality products which second to none. Our Dr’s Secret skincare helped millions of people achieved beautiful skin and confidence, our Avance Health Supplement also helped countless customers restored and maintain their health. BWL’s quality products have helped many of my customers and network solved various health and skin problems, while helping us generate our sales and network building.”

“Everyone can be successful in BWL, because we have a complete training system, from not knowing to understand. In BWL, I am able to earn money without limit, not bounded by time and place, I could spend more time with my family too.”

“Build your strong belief in what you do, belief will become your strength to overcome all challenges!”.

“I will encourage my children to follow my footstep, inheritage my network business in future and I believe they will become a better person thru BWL learning culture.” said Maggie.

Empower Your Life with Direct Selling


Creative Network International
Zainab Harun

~ Success Is In You ~

Growing up in a frugal household with meagre means, Zainab had been motivated to strive for a better life and secured future. An entrepreneur since young, she earned pocket money from odd jobs after school and took up sewing class right after completing school education. However, the irregular income from her home-based tailoring business did not provide the financial stability that she anticipated. Hence, she applied for work at a factory, while keeping her sewing business as a side income. After 18 years of toiling, she discovered that, while being able to make ends meet, she could hardly save for a secured future.

She was looking for an alternative to CPF, and direct selling caught her interest. The key feature that drew her was the time flexibility it offered and the small capital it required to start off the business. She was also inspired by the fact that the business, and all its benefits, is a legacy that she can pass down to her beneficiary. Direct-selling is not about fast money. Based on Zainab’s vast experience, it took her a lot of hard work, discipline, patience, and compassion to be successful in this business. But the best part is, we can decide how fast we want to achieve our dream, and how big we want it to be. It took her three years to establish her direct selling career from zero to what it is today. From just cycling to conduct the business, now she owns cars. From a 3-room HDB flat, she now resides in a landed, 3-storey private property. It all started in October 1997 after she was convinced by her sister, and by October 2000 she was already at the pinnacle of her career. However, it was not all smooth sailing and easy. She started direct selling with a lot of negative reactions from family members who thought little of it, and neighbours who thought little of her capabilities. Her humble demeanor also posted a challenge when she approached prospects who judged the business potential by her cover. Determined to prove them all wrong, she remained strong, kept her chin up, and always believe that all things come to those who wait. Moving up the ranks, she attended as many trainings as I could to sharpen her business and leadership skills, and spent three to four hours a day, on average, to build her network.

Building a successful career in direct selling has been an enriching life experience for her. She finds great satisfaction in grooming people with positive attitude, and spirit, and see them become achievers in their own right. Direct selling also has taught her the power of teamwork, and to take the road less travelled in yielding great success. She also emphasized that this can only be possible with the support of a trusted company that has a strong foundation, and vast experience in direct selling. As an individual who values personal empowerment, she recommends those who are interested in this business to choose a company that is committed to educating its members so that they can grow independently, and together, with the company.

Zainab is happy that she’d found her niche in direct selling. It has given her a fulfilling career, and an uplifting life. “I believe anyone, at any age, or stage in their life can make it in direct selling. Your future is in your hands,” Zainab concluded in her own words.

Empower Your Life with Direct Selling


Elken Singapore Pte Ltd
Cindy Low Siang Hong

~ Powered by Dreams ~

Everyone has dreams, for without dreams, life is devoid of purpose and meaning. Unfortunately, many people give up pursuing their dreams when the going gets rough. I was only an SPM holder but I fought hard to achieve my dream, never allowing failures and challenges to cloud my vision.

In order to help make ends meet for my poor family, I left my quiet hometown of Bagan Serai, Perak, for the bright lights of Singapore to work right after my SPM exams. On the journey, I also carried with my one dream– to build a healthy, happy family. Over the next 10 years, I enjoyed a stable job as a bank clerk and got married to my husband, David. I only needed one more thing to complete my happiness – kids.


Alas, it was not to be when my first pregnancy was ectopic and I had to remove one of my Fallopian tubes, reducing my chances of future pregnancy to only 50%. But I did not give up. For the next 3 years, I had 3 artificial inseminations without success. Emotionally exhausted from the ordeal, I was about to give up hope of ever getting my happy healthy family when my primary schoolmate, San San, told me about Elken’s MRT concept.

As we were desperate, we gave it a shot. David and I took Elken Spirulina, Fujita-Lactose S and IG6 to condition our bodies, while I also took LD-Venus. Within a year’s time, I finally got pregnant and delivered our first baby. We were overwhelmed with joy! David also recovered from his gastric and tonsil problems and we now have 3 kids. These pleasant experiences gave us 100% confidence with Elken products.

Spending Time with Family

Intrigued by the products, we started to study the Elken business. Meanwhile, I felt restless as I shuffled between my highly-demanding job and spending time with my precious kids. When I worked with a Forex company, I had to endure long working hours, sometimes till 11pm. And I worked on public holidays too. My husband also had a hectic routine as an IT specialist. Things had to change if we wanted to have more time for the kids, so I decided to quit my job to do the Elken business full time.

As I do not have good interpersonal skills, I had a small social circle though I had lived in Singapore for 10 years. As such, it was tough initially. Thanks to Elken’s workshops and public speaking trainings, I quickly picked up the necessary skills to build, my network in Singapore, which has now expanded to Malaysia. I also followed the System Education closely.

Helping Her Family

My growing business inspired my brother, CCM Low Teik Chai, to join us. My brother and sisterin-law were both Chartered Accountants who knew they couldn’t go far by being ordinary employees. They saw instead, the huge potential in the Elken business. True enough, Teik Chai and his wife are now enjoying great success in their Elken business today.

But success has been even sweeter in 2011; our business saw an exponential growth with the introduction of El Marino and Elken business plan. El Marino and Elken business plan brought huge potential to the market and our network. In 2012, by working together with our network and with great team spirit and a clear goal, we doubled our income.

The Sweet Taste of Success

The business is not smooth-sailing, but as long as you persevere and hang on to your dreams, you can overcome any obstacle. Our kids are our main motivation. We continue to push ourselves because we want to secure a better future for them. So what if you get rejected today? Tomorrow is another day full of opportunities and possibilities.”

As the 10th MCCM in Singapore, we are finally enjoying time freedom and material fulfilment. 10 years in Singapore, we travelled to 2 countries (Malaysia & Singapore); 10 years in Elken, we‘ve travelled to more than 20 countries! This is simple math – with the same amount of time, you’ll get 10 times more in Elken. So, if you want a better life, take up the Elken business.

Empower Your Life with Direct Selling


Elken Singapore Pte Ltd
Mariam Bti Mohd Yasir

~ Build You To Build Others ~

Mariam had it all – a loving husband who provided her and their family a good life. Yet, she longed for more – more financial independence, more opportunities to inspire and help more people. When she found Elken, her longing was fulfilled.

Mariam was already making S$15K a month as a property agent prior to joining Elken. “However, after taking 6 months off to spend more time with my 3 children, my income became zero,” she recalled. Disheartened with the brutal reality of a real estate agent’s life, she started a cleaning company. Her intention was noble – besides earning an income, she wanted to provide job opportunities to others. But her goal was busted when she suffered losses amounting to S$100K within a year.

All this while, her husband, Anwar, stood by through her ups and downs. An aircraft spare-parts business owner for 40 years, Anwar already had an established and lucrative career that could ‘save’ her from her misery.

A comfortable and luxurious life provided by her beloved husband wasn’t enough for Mariam. She wanted to run Elken’s business to help people enjoy good health and good fortune too. Elken’s wonderfully effective products, brand promise of ‘Build you to build others’, heart-to-heart culture, fail-proof System Education, fair marketing plan and the brilliant business plan convinced her that this was it, this was the opportunity and platform to achieve her dream.

“To raise successful leaders of high caliber, I realized I had to be the role model to my network members. I had to start afresh, learn and pick up new skills like any freshman,” she said. She vividly recalled the times when she faced insults and humbling experiences. “There were times when I cried and asked myself why I had to put myself through all these humiliations when my husband was giving me a good life. But I quickly jumped back on my feet again. I knew I had a dream to achieve.

“In Elken, the determining factor of success is not about how fast you succeed but how long you persevere. Everyone has to go through the process of success – doing fieldwork with down lines, working hard and being sincere, investing time and energy, and persistently and consistently organizing weekly trainings and home parties. Besides working hard, following Elken’s System Education 100% is a key factor that guarantees success,” she stressed. Anwar concluded, “I would definitely do the MLM business if I had known Elken much earlier. With my hard work and diligence, I’m sure I’ll be better off today while helping more people succeed with me.”

Empower Your Life with Direct Selling


Elken Singapore Ptd Ltd
Norzehan B. Abbas

~ Hard Work, Honesty And Humility ~

I was an Assistant Engineer with SMRT before joining my wife in Elken as a full time career. I did not believe that Elken had much income potential but joined Elken solely to please our elder sister who kept pursuing and sharing Elken’s business with us for a year.

We were not interested in the product demo done by our sister and merely bought small bottle of Elken Spirulina (250 tablets). To our surprise, my stomach lesion improved after taking Elken Spirulina for 4 months. “Armed with more confidence, we attended a New Distributor Training and there, we discovered that many people with different backgrounds, including successful professionals had given up their careers to run Elken Business.

Intrigued, we knew Elken was more than just a housewife business and finally saw Elken’s potential to generate passive income.

Elken’s business is easy as you only need to follow its unique System Education. Everyone can be an Elken entrepreneur, as proven here with many having transformed from Zero to Hero. As many Singaporean were merely consumers, we faced many challenges and disappointments from close friends, relatives and even our own siblings, but we choose to persevere. It was challenging to convince professionals and Gen Ys to pursue the business and it took us 1 ½ years to achieve DCM status. Nevertheless, we believed in the business and took the decision to join this business full time.

We achieved our CCM status and never looked back since then. Our motto is “Hard Work, Honesty and Humility” and we want to become successful leaders and the role model of our network.

Our commitment is exemplified in our willingness to travel to Kuala Lumpur frequently to consult our upline, even 1 – or 2 hours of short review. Our commitment, persistent effort and constant prayers led us to be crowned the 90th MCCM and 1st Malay MCCM in Singapore.

Driven by our desire to have others share in our dream life, we will continue to work hard and expand our network further.

“Our network is important to us. Our members’ success is our achievement. We believe that by changing peoples’ lives, we will be rewarded with a comfortable life and blessing from Allah”.

Empower Your Life with Direct Selling


Forever Living Products (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Tiffani Chua Wei Tien

~ Excel in life ~

“I was at first a consumer of the company. The products worked well for my husband and me. Being an accountant, I decided to look deeply into the marketing payout. Among other attractive benefits, Forever Living Products pay distributor bonus based on retail prices, which was most generous. Further research showed it to be financially strong with no debt. Only when all the factors (products, marketing payout, financial strength) were favorable, I decided that I can build a business with this company.

The best thing about this business is being able to make a positive impact on people’s health, finance and lifestyle. Long term success in the business requires strong desire and massive action in the right company. There would be setback in anything that is worth doing. I once missed an incentive narrowly, and learned a lot about what to do from then on.

The direct selling / multi-level business had groomed me to be a good speaker, improved my human relationship and problem solving skills. The most effective way to grow from here would be in duplicating my success in my network, helping distributors to be successful.

This career offers equal opportunity, which is great for anyone willing to put in the required work to excel in life. The low barrier to entry in the direct selling industry also resulted in high turnover. It also means those who stay in the business have much to gain. One great thing about Forever Living is that the business I build can be inherited by my next generation in my family.

Empower Your Life with Direct Selling


Forever Living Products (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Angema Lim

~ World, our platform for success ~

The biggest advantage multilevel marketing has over other businesses or professions is the ability to leverage other people’s time in building one’s business. Even well paid professionals stop earning once they stop working. In multi-level marketing, the income stream can continue with much less work.

In a globalized society, the world can be our platform for success. The global reach of Forever Living Products is the best among direct selling companies. What also stands out is that the value of the Forever business increases with time. The reward for our previous hard work perpetuates way beyond the early years that we worked really hard. The business we built can even be passed on to the next generation! This is our ideal business model. One of the things I love most about Forever is that the marketing plan has consistently been very generous and fair to distributors.

When I look at all the great distributors around the world, they have one thing in common. They build strong networks. There is only that much one can do, but one can do much, much more by propagating their effort through the leverage that the company enables us to use.

The people who can most appreciate the advantages of the business may be those who had worked for a few years, or had started their own businesses before. The most important success factor distributors need to bring to the business is what is inside themselves. When a person falls in love with the products, it is a good start. The multi-level business is a big business that requires time, effort and sacrifices like many businesses do – without the need for big capital.

Empower Your Life with Direct Selling


Forever Living Products (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Alicia Ng

~ Transformation ~

When a person joins a reputed MLM business, he or she has a choice to be a business owner with potential to do well. Specifically, as a Forever distributor, one can ride on the strong success factors provided by the company, i.e. Forever products, marketing plan and financial soundness. Forever has so much to offer, but success depends on what each distributor brings to Forever.

The MLM industry can be a great place to express one’s full talents and get rewarded sufficiently. In Forever, distributors get generously rewarded with annual profit sharing, besides being paid bonus based on retail prices! Soaking in the atmosphere of so many countries in incentive trips annually are an added benefit.

Among the most important decisions one can make is to choose only reputable MLM companies with strong financial standing. Forever is one such company. Forever is also where my daughter Vienna was transformed from an extremely shy person to someone who is competent in being MC and speaker, and able to bring in business from people she did not know. I have great reasons to believe in the company, products and the industry.

Empower Your Life with Direct Selling


Herbalife International Singapore
Francis Edwin Taye and Marisa Jampathong

~ Life changing opportunity ~

Before I met Herbalife, I had a business venture in Thailand doing import, export and wholesale of golf equipment as well as operating several retail outlets there. Due to the 1997 Asian financial crisis, my business was hit badly and that was the lowest point of my life. As a result of this critical situation and with nothing left, I had to relocate and moved my family back to Singapore. I was into my mid-forties and to make ends meet, I drove a taxi to support my wife and three young kids. Deep within me, I was waiting for an opportunity to turn my life around.

We got to know about Herbalife in 2003, and we were excited on finding this opportunity that was going to change our lives. Upon signing up as a member, we immediately got into action on the business. It was hard work for us when we started, and many people then were sceptical about the products and business opportunity. With our confidence in Herbalife science-based products and our product results, we persevere and continued to stay focus in helping more people to get results, be it on the products or the business opportunity. We qualified to Millionaire Team position in 5 months, and subsequently 31 months later, we qualified to the President’s Team position.

With such an opportunity that is available for us and just as the saying goes “Health is Wealth”, we are glad that we are able to keep ourselves very fit, live a healthy lifestyle and enjoying each passing day. In terms, of monetary value, it is really unbelievable. Looking back at where we were, – from a business failure to being a taxi driver; we are now able to have financial freedom, time freedom to do what we like and be where we like to be, plus also the opportunity to give back to the society locally as well as regionally.

Empower Your Life with Direct Selling


Herbalife International Singapore Pte Ltd
Samuel Teo & Jenny Tay

~ Building our own dream ~

Before I joined Herbalife, I was in the sporting goods industry for almost 20 years. I was retrenched from my corporate job as a Regional Manager for Asia-Pacific region, and subsequently suffered failure in my own distribution business. We were in a bad financial situation and hence, we kept looking for ways to earn extra income to cover our daily expenses.

Through my schoolmate, we were introduced to Herbalife. My wife Jenny and I joined Herbalife in the year 2003 as a member and we utilized the step-by-step system provided by the company. Within a few months of hard work following the system, our income grew and we were able to have financial freedom. Most of all by using the great Herbalife products, my wife lost a total of 21 kg and I lost 6 kg. Of course, our overall wellbeing has also improved tremendously.

Our journey was mainly through the beliefs in Herbalife, its products and the Network Marketing business that allows us to have financial and time freedom for our family. Our previous career was mostly working hard to build other’s dreams. In this MLM industry, it provides us the opportunity to build our own dream and income with a very small startup cost.

Herbalife have grown our personal development and confidence. The company has a clear vision and support system that assist us to help more people to become financially better and healthier. I would like to thank Herbalife, our awesome team-mates, our family and this amazing Network Marketing Industry for where I am today!

Empower Your Life with Direct Selling


Herbalife International Singapore Pte Ltd
Maverick Lim and Mavis Wong

~ Freedom ~

I was a school dropout working in a bank, promoting credit cards when I chanced upon Herbalife. Having worked in the banking industry as a manager for 3 years, my knowledge on nutrition was very limited. However, that was set to change after taking my first shake. Not only did it reduce the size of my tummy, it also improved my overall health condition! Just by using the products, we unexpectedly earned some part-time income as our colleagues got interested. We saw the business opportunity and decided to switch full-time. Now my wife and I enjoy financial freedom, freedom to travel and quality lifestyle. We also have flexible working hours to work around our beautiful twins.

Thank God that we met Herbalife, and decided to become wellness coaches.

Empower Your Life with Direct Selling


Mary Kay (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Juliana Aw

~ Passion in life ~

Thank you God and Mary Kay for this business. Through this business I found my passion in life. Have you ever sort of “died” after you lost your job? I almost “died” after I lost my job. During that time I lost my job, I just got my house and have too many financial commitments. I was also in depression. Until one day I went to having lunch with my girlfriend to catch up and she told me that she is retailing Mary Kay products. I wanted to know more about what this business is about, and coincidentally my best friend is getting married soon. So hence I host a Skincare and makeup workshop for my closest friends as a hen’s night celebration. At the end of the workshop, I kept thinking about this great business opportunity.

In 2010, I left my ego at home and armed with just $600, I joined my girlfriend to be an Independent Mary Kay beauty consultant, and within 1 year I became an Independent Mary Kay Sales Director. For the first half of the year while starting, there will always be difficulties but I thank God that it happened as it strengthened my mind that I am really determined to do this business.

I thank God for leading me to this business. God has also open doors for me to conduct makeup workshop at my friends’ houses and many referrals leading me to teaching their friends and corporate companies too! I never knew I could do that…I was shy and thru Mary Kay’s constant training, I am able to build up my confidence and improve my public speaking skills. My largest class was 50 women at Braddell Heights Community Centre.

Mary Kay also taught me how to have great people skills and we advocate the golden rule (One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself). It’s not all about cosmetics, it’s about changing lives. I work about 12 to 15 hours a week, having financial independence which is very important for me after lesson learnt. I was working more than 50 hours a week and I don’t have time for my family. I love Mary Kay’s principle of business which is God first, Family second and Career third. Hence with short hours of working, I have plenty of time with my family. I am very blessed to have improved my love life and family relationships.

I love this job also because I have great satisfaction in grooming my team. I see so many people in my team are well-groomed and becoming more self-confident in themselves and my customers having great skin and looking younger and radiant, it gives me great satisfaction. I love the fact that I love my job and get paid as well. I love the freedom and I don’t have to report to anyone but myself.

In Mary Kay, there are no specific strategies, just booking and doing classes. And how I grow so well in this environment another of this great culture, which not any corporate world will have inculcate, we do the divine sandwich – Compliment Sandwich to Critique method.

How do you become successful in Mary Kay? We do not ask of your ability or your inability but we ask of your availability, willingness to learn, (do not desire to fit in but) to lead, and dare to risk public criticism. If I can do Mary Kay, so can you! Everyone can do Mary Kay.

Empower Your Life with Direct Selling


Mary Kay Singapore
Kong Hwei San Gelainza

~ To be your own boss ! ~

Before I joined Direct Selling, I was a Senior Auditor in Ernst & Young Global with an ACCA degree. One day while doing my own life audit, I suddenly realized the lifestyle of an audit partner didn’t excite me anymore. I want to do what I love, everyday.

My 24/7 passion for beauty since young led me to finally make that unbelievable career switch into beauty industry in my late 20’s. I later joined Sephora S.E.A, one of the largest global French beauty retailers & was promoted to be in charge of the S.E.A Training Department.

I believe every woman’s dream is to be her own boss & I imagine expanding my business to international scale! I want to be in control of my time & income, which being an employee can never satisfied. When I met my recruiter, I just knew I found the right business model in Mary Kay. Her warmth, sincerity, perseverance & professional skills were what I was looking for in the Right Mentor.

After joining Direct Selling, my close friends & family witnessed the significant changes in me. Once an introvert & dislike the spotlight, today, I speak confidently & animatedly on stage, in front of thousands of people, with passion! The difference is, it’s not about me, It’s about them. I found my life purpose: To inspire people to follow their dreams! I want to become a better person & to add value to people’s lives.

To be successful in Direct Selling industry, it’s important to be disciplined, stay humble & learn from everybody. I associate myself with positive & successful. I use the Goal, a skill we learnt in our first Mary Kay Training “Essential Steps to Reach Success”. Look at your goal every day and work every day to get closer to it.

Benefits of working in Mary Kay are endless! I didn’t know my potential until I gave it a chance! I now have good friends/sisters from all over the world including Korea, China, Malaysia, America etc. I am very grateful to the mentors who teach selflessly, with their most precious time, they share their wisdom with us. Anyone can be successful in direct selling if they are willing to work hard & give up some in order to enjoy their greater futures! They must love people and want to help them succeed.

Yes of course, there were challenges along the way. I had a period of no sales & I kept asking myself to find answers. I realized the pressure I gave myself & I wasn’t even enjoying myself. So I quickly changed and focus on making the customers happy instead of sales figures.

It is never too early or too old to start! Mary Kay started our dream company at the age of 50. If you are someone who likes to be in control of your career, you should be an entrepreneur like me and join Mary Kay!

Empower Your Life with Direct Selling


Mary Kay (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Florinda Istory

~ Freedom is the key ~

I was with a commercial airline for 11 years and a full time mother thereafter. After about 2 years of neglecting myself, I started to look for help on looking trendy, found Mary Kay whose consultants were so helpful in making me look good and totally enjoyed their constant tips which helped me to be a trendsetter.

So I joined Mary Kay 4 years ago for my personal benefit, but the constant free training, education and positive environment convinced me to give this go. The most significant change I see in myself being in this direct selling industry is the consistent behavior and being positive of wanting to be that someone successful. Running a business regardless if it is conventional or in Direct Selling is the same, you need to consistently be up to date, discipline, persistence and never stop knocking. Creative thinking and there is a need to being that cool head in a demanding work environment. To me every turn is an opportunity and the willing to change is the most important.

My greatest satisfaction being successful here in Mary Kay is knowing my purpose and going forth to have the ability to recruit my own team. I love this because I made a commitment to work with people to mentor and bring them to success. I take the action that they hesitate and show them that it can be done. Direct Selling in no different from any sales professionals in an MNC, we do the same things like cold calling, manage customers, take order.

The best part of being in direct selling is that it allows flowing of ideas. Ideas in corporate are normally killed before they get implemented. For your own business you get try it all and learn faster. You must love what you are selling and be comfortable with the business structure. But this business opportunity offers you the flexibility to set your own goals and achieve them at your own term. The most important aspect of direct selling is to understand the system.

In the beginning of my career, my biggest struggle was the misconception and the way some individuals promote their direct selling business. Currently the Direct selling market is steering towards a positive side from the current influx of the highly educated Gen Y and Millennial who have arrived. They see the possibility of running their own business with time freedom/flexibility and being trained as an expert in their field that they have selected.

There is no need to clock in a certain numbers of hours just to achieve the desired results. Most people do not mind working long or odd hours, is the control over where it should go matters most. There is no best age to join Direct Selling. Success is a desire and a process of hard work, mental strength and age is not a factor.

Empower Your Life with Direct Selling


Nu Skin Enterprises Singapore Pte Ltd
Angela Liew & Rayne Ho

~ You reap what you sow ~

Being the first pair of leaders to attain the 20 Million Dollar Circle award and the only distributors to qualify as Team Elite members consecutively for 14 years in Nu Skin Enterprises Singapore, the success of Angela and Rayne in this business has inspired a multitude of people. They are looked upon by many as a source of aspiration and the question on everyone’s lips is how do they do it? According to Angela and Rayne, there are no secrets to their success. It is all a matter of focus and an unwavering commitment to succeed.

“You reap what you sow. Depending on how you treat your Nu Skin business, the business will treat you back the same way,” Angela explained their attitude towards their efforts in building their network. “Many people want to achieve what we have achieved but they are not ready to do whatever it takes. Rayne and I eat, breathe and sleep Nu Skin! Success has become a habit for us after years of dedication. We are 100% focused in this business. We’ve encountered many people who hunger for success but they get distracted easily by family, lifestyle demands, and temptations.” While family comes first, Angela feels that many allow familial commitments to be an emotional stumbling block in Nu Skin rather than as motivating factors to propel them towards success.

Partners in a business dealing with education before joining Nu Skin in 2001, Angela and Rayne agree that their partnership has worked well all these years because they both have a long-term view of ventures they go into. “Since the beginning, our position is to reap long-term gains rather than to take advantage of each other for short-term profits. This has resulted in a bigger heart to accommodate each other’s shortcomings and grow our strengths as well as to broaden our horizons to see the potential of opportunities,” Rayne shared. To the both of them, the tenets of exceling in the Nu Skin business opportunity are to “believe, commit and persist. Believe in the company, the products and yourself. Commit to this business wholeheartedly, and persist no matter what challenges come your way. Follow the advice of your up line leaders and duplicate the business model that has been created. We have been doing all these throughout the years. Success is very straightforward in this business.”

Empower Your Life with Direct Selling


Nu Skin Enterprises Singapore Pte Ltd
Angelyn Sng & Tan Juinn Wen

~ High-quality family life is the true measure of success ~

They could very well have been doctors. Their answers to interview questions of their success story exemplified the precision of a surgeon wielding his scalpel. Crystallizing every philosophy and thought process that has multiplied their Nu Skin Enterprises business, Angelyn Sng and Tan Juinn Wen have all the right medicines to cure the woes to success one may face when building a future in this incredible business opportunity.

Perhaps due to their former careers in stock broking, this couple possesses a high degree of decisiveness and clarity in their actions. For them, becoming a millionaire in the Nu Skin Enterprises business is made easy because of the platform the company has created. “We approached this business just as we did with other ventures. We did our due diligence by first researching the opportunity, and when assured, proceeded with total conviction. Nu Skin Enterprises provides a simple business model that does not require rocket science to succeed, but consistent hard work, faith and focus,” Juinn Wen shared. “Success can be attained in three simple steps – form a clear vision, formulate a systematic plan, and execute the plan well.” “Our biggest challenge was to convince and motivate people more capable than ourselves to join our quest. We had to galvanize our partners to forge a common path ahead, and tune the hearts of these highly driven and independent people. We did this by leading by example. Start by using the products and be a product of the products. Then guide the leaders to do the same, and help them grow their customer base and business builders in their organisation.”

In fact, customers and business partners are of utmost importance to Angelyn and Juinn Wen who find it truly rewarding in making a significant and measurable difference in people’s lives – for the consumers, it is looking and feeling better; and for business builders, the opportunity to discover an alternative business model in multi-level marketing and lifestyle choice. This firm belief is reinforced by their first-hand experience of an improved life at home. Parents to two teenage daughters, the couple participates keenly in every aspect of their daughters’ growth through activities such as sports, and travelling with them on their school trips. Very often, they’re the only set of parents who are able to be present. To them, a high-quality family life is the true measure of success.

Empower Your Life with Direct Selling


Nu Skin Enterprises Singapore Pte Ltd
Lee Kah Seng & Lim Siang Joo

~ A dream with personal goals ~

Graduating with a Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy), Siang Joo began her working life as a Pharmacist before making a dramatic switch to pursue fashion design four years later after seriously reflecting upon the kind of results she wanted in her career. However, she soon learnt that a hobby and interest does not necessarily equate to a career opportunity. Thankfully, she was introduced to Nu Skin and she finally found her lifetime career platform.

Having qualified as a Million Dollar Circle Member, Siang Joo feels that the honour is a great motivation for her and her down lines. It serves as recognition of her commitment in the business; a quality she feels is vital for anyone who desires success in Nu Skin. “Persist in doing things with the same enthusiasm as you first started out. Always. And safeguard your dreams and vision, and never stop doing the right, necessary things needed to succeed,” the 38-year-old leader shared.

Further expounding on the importance of commitment, Siang Joo likened the quality to that of a captain earning his reputation by conquering storms. “When your competition scores big against you, when an idea fails to deliver, or when the glamour of success wears off, this is when it is easiest to compromise on staying committed and many people give up.” Siang Joo urges all to have a definite purpose to pursue with Nu Skin; a dream with personal goals attached will help us persist in our commitment.

Her goal has always been to achieve time freedom to spend with her loved ones and attain financial freedom to fulfil filial piety and groom her children with the best available resources.

Siang Joo feels that success in Multi-Level Marketing helps transform lives. Each distributor has an individual responsibility to professionally represent this industry. The beauty of this business also lies in the 20/80 Rule, as in 20% of the people see things differently from the other 80%, and the MLM business enables the convergence of these like-minded people. “This is where the pulse beats! I tremendously enjoy the synergy of like-minded people working together, towards greater achievements, fostering closer friendship, and even becoming as close as family!”

Empower Your Life with Direct Selling


USANA Health Sciences Singapore
Lawrence & Precious Sia

~ Get Started to be Great ~

Lawrence and Precious Sia are thankful for the freedom that their USANA business has given them. Three years ago, both of them had income-limited jobs and did not have much time to spend together.

“We were already taking health supplements but switched to USANA’s products as we believe they are one of the finest available,” Lawrence recalls. “I also saw the potential of a lucrative compensation plan to grow our wealth.” In a mere 2 years and 9 months of making the decision to become a USANA Distributor, Precious has been able to leave her full-time job and spend more quality time with her family. A driven, goal-oriented entrepreneur, Lawrence has also quit his job to focus on the limitless opportunities USANA has to offer.

“We started out by setting a sizeable target for ourselves to meet,” Precious shares. “But once we’ve achieved it, we realized that further advancement was possible. We already know how to work our USANA business so why not extend our goal?” For their initial advancements, Lawrence and Precious ran their own team with just a few leaders. Their vision then was solely to gain time and financial freedom for themselves. As they grew and advanced, they wanted to share the gift they had been given with others. With an established, unified foundation, Lawrence and Precious can focus on building their team and creating more leaders.

Lawrence and Precious believe in maximizing their momentum. While some may take a break after each advancement, the couple continues to share their vision with their team. Through Precious’ excitement and imagery, everyone is constantly energized and stimulated to maintain the momentum. Precious shows videos and pictures from incentive trips – the most recent being a week-long Royal Caribbean cruise – to encourage their team to reach for the stars. “It’s a challenge when you have to persuade people of a different mindset to duplicate your method,” Precious explains. “But our results and advancement is proof that our way is working. If our formula for success is already effective, why reinvent it?”

As part of a team whose motto is “To bring forth triumph is to refuse to be ordinary”, the couple is certainly out of the ordinary. Lawrence, who describes himself as being “extremely introverted” in the past, found it difficult to speak to even one stranger. Recently, Lawrence spoke in front of 14,000 Distributors at the USANA Asia Pacific Convention in Hong Kong. “I adopted the mindset of ‘just do it’ and decided not to think too much into things,” he says. “I trained myself to overcome my fear and introversion by first speaking to a small group of 2-3 strangers then slowly increasing the number.” Precious, too, has worked hard to overcome her own shortcomings. Highly excitable and possessing a tremendous amount of energy, she always wanted to achieve fast results but was easily distracted. She has since learnt to set clearer goals, and even writes them down so she can focus on each objective.

Complementing each other perfectly, Lawrence and Precious have utilized each other’s strengths to become a powerhouse couple. Lawrence is a natural planner and strategist, while Precious presents their vision and conveys messages to the team. While they have achieved great success with their business, they do not want to simply maintain the status quo. They are now learning from each other’s strengths and plan on accelerating their progress by becoming individual powerhouses.

Lawrence and Precious appreciate the difference USANA has made in their lives. “We now have more freedom to spend time with each other and our baby girl Tiffany. “Precious says. “We’re excited to help our leaders advance levels, even at the cost of our own advancement.” To motivate fellow USANA Distributors, Lawrence shares one of his mentor’s sayings, “You don’t need to be great to get started. You just need to get started to be great.”

Empower Your Life with Direct Selling


USANA Health Sciences Singapore
Teh Chee Wen

~ Make a difference in people’s lives! ~

“Every single living cell inside of Chee Wen is related to USANA product!” This is how Chee Wen would describe how healthy she is, calling herself a “USANA die-hard fan”! From head to toe and inside out, she is the “product of the product” and is always confident to share with others how USANA can help them maintain good health.

As a certified Holistic Nutritionist, Chee Wen is always ready to share the vision of good health. The difference she can make in peoples’ lives is a great driving force for her. Other than leading nutritional projects in India with the Singapore International Foundation, Chee Wen gives health talks locally, and personally helps people with health conditions achieve better health.

Leading a team who shares her commitment and drive, they share the vision of Dr Wentz putting the prospects’ interests at heart. Wholly dedicated to making a difference in peoples’ health, some of her team members are now taking up courses to become certified health coaches. By focusing on peoples’ goals and budgets, Chee Wen’s team teaches them lifestyle and diet changes. “I believe that we become successful by giving as much as we possibly can! It’s in giving that we receive.”

Chee Wen attributes her drive and passion in building her USANA business to her team. “I constantly visualize my team members on stage receiving awards and giving speeches.” she laughed.

Her motivation comes not only from her team but her daughter, Abigail. “I am a single mom. I need to set a good example for my daughter. Through USANA, I will show her how she can get back on her feet when she falls and to appreciate the ordinary things in life even when she is at the peak,” she said. Most importantly, she wanted to be an example so that she can show her daughter how she would be able to fully exploit her potentials and make a difference in the lives of people around her.

Chee Wen goes above and beyond in her efforts to make healthy living achievable for all. Being a foodie, she understands how difficult it is to eat healthily, and thus finds creative ways to cook quick, easy, healthy food. She even shares her discoveries and recipes on her Facebook page so that people can have easy access to these.

“It gives me greatest joy to witness the precious transformation of peoples’ health – to watch them take steps, however small, towards living and enjoying life with optimal health and being the best that they can be.”

Empower Your Life with Direct Selling


USANA Health Sciences Singapore
Jasmine Zhao Lu

~ Lead to Success ~

Jasmine Zhao Lu has firmly established herself as one of USANA’s top achievers with her team’s rapid growth.
Determined, passionate and positive, Jasmine is a great role-model not only for her team, but for all new distributors. “Don’t give up. Focus on your goals, be persistent and determined, put in hard work.” In order to do the USANA business well, Jasmine believes that one must possesses a positive outlook and be ready to take up challenges along the way.

“Through people around us and people that we interact with, we are always learning new things. We need to be positive in life and be open to experience different things in life, including rejection.” When faced with a difficult situation, she believes that one should look at the issue from different perspectives and turn challenges into opportunities.

Her path is guided by focusing on four very important principles that Jasmine considers the pillars of her success in the network marketing industry. As network marketing is a people- oriented industry, Value, Credibility, Relationship and Trust are the keys to success.

You must bring Value to your business, to your team and to everyone that you meet. Look for the opportunity to add value to meetings, conversations and discussions and in everything that you do. Only then can you achieve a high perceived value to your team and your customers. You have to help others in order for others to help you – make yourself “valuable” to them.

You must be Credible. Be worthy of being believed – mean what you say and do what you’ve promised to do. Never promise something to anyone if you know you can’t achieve it. And it is through consistent practice that it becomes a habit in your behavior. People will believe you and accept you as someone who deserves honor, respect and admiration. It is only then that success will follow.

Trust is something that can only be built over time. It allows us to form relationships with others and to depend on them — for love, for advice, or for help with our business. It is only when you’re trusted by your team members, your customers and your prospects that you can really be successful. It is the most important of the four principles because it is the foundation upon which you gain Credibility, and forge genuine Relationships with your stakeholders.

Network Marketing is a relationship business. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you build strong relationships with everyone. This, combined with the other three principles, will help to increase the sustainability of your business.

Achieving what Jasmine has done is no mean feat. With the combination of much focused effort based on her four principles, sheer hard work, and invaluable support from her team, Jasmine aims for bigger and brighter goals every year. She believes that the same principles and work ethics that have brought her to where she is today will drive her onwards to achieve higher levels of success. “When you work really hard for the initial 3 to 4 years, you can then relax and manage your business from a broader perspective.” Jasmine now focuses more on making connections with key customers and developing the business skills of her key leaders in order to enable her to continuously expand her organization.
“I appreciate the hard work and efforts of all my team members. Most of them are very dedicated, resourceful, enterprising and always eager to learn. I am very motivated to lead them and inspire them so that we can move up the ranks together, whichever level they are at now,” adds Jasmine.

“I thank my family and team members for the support given to me, without which I would not be able to reach this stage. It is the path of freedom that I have chosen and I will continue to strive for greater success in the years to come. In doing so, I will also ensure that my team members achieve success in parallel with me and together we will enjoy the vision of Dr. Myron Wentz – True Health and True Wealth!”